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Wild Autumn | My Yorkshire Yr


Because the leaves flip from inexperienced to gold, autumn has actually taken maintain right here on the Yorkshire Wolds and the wildlife is preparing for the approaching winter. 


Birds Feasting

Blue tits and nice tits, robins and bullfinches feast because the lengthy chilly nights strategy. The bullfinches gorge on seasonal honeysuckle berries while the nice tits and blue tits discover bugs amidst the fruiting branches of shiny purple guelder rose and crabapple.


Squirrels search for shelter

In close by Ash Wooden squirrels tussle to show their dominance. Watch a pair wressle inside a field I made for owls to nest in. That is Ash Tree and each these gray squirrels assume it might be an excellent place to construct a drey to shelter in over winter. The battle takes place with one squirrel hanging the other way up!

Pheasant fights

Squirrels are feisty, and so they’re not afraid to tackle pheasants, both! Watch this one ambush a pair of male pheasants. These birds might be very aggressive, however this squirrel isn’t afraid to problem them.

Roe Deer

My cameras additionally seize roe deer wandering via the wooden, kicking up autumn leaves with their hooves as they cross.

Countryside adjustments color

The timber are actually a medley of russet gold and yellow inexperienced. In the meantime mushrooms develop like fairytale towers on fallen branches and the woodland flooring is a carpet of purple and gold.

Weasel Shelter

Amidst the fallen logs a weasel drags the crisp, dry leaves into its hidden nest and curls as much as sleep this heat autumnal nest – limbs akimbo because it gently snores!

Barn Owl

A barn owl perches on a close-by department, the golden feathers on its again offsetting the autumn colors of the Yorkshire Wolds backdrop.


I spot a hedgehog looking for meals in preparation for its winter hibernation… and I preserve a watch out for younger hoglets that received’t survive now with out a serving to hand.


Badgers don’t hibernate, however they do decelerate spend extra time of their underground setts. They line them with dry grasses to maintain them heat.


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