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Why Owls Hoot Loudest at Halloween

Halloween Hooters

Now we have 5 species of owl residing in mainland Britain, however presently of yr you could possibly be forgiven for considering there is just one. Tawny owls make extra noise than the opposite 4 species put collectively throughout October and November. And all this further shrieking, hooting and ‘kee-wick’- ing is down to at least one factor: territory. Younger birds are reaching maturity and on the lookout for new properties whereas older birds are preventing to carry on to their patch.

painting of tawny owl perched on branch
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Time to depart residence

Ordinarily, grownup tawny owls are devoted mother and father. They spend a lot of the summer time months rearing, feeding and nurturing. This care even continues for weeks after the younger have fledged. However in autumn there’s a brutal change. The devotion turns to aggression and the grownup birds spherical on their once-beloved younger with sudden malice. They shriek at them, fly at them and chase them out of their territory.

A brutal change in behaviour

I’ve seen one juvenile so badly battered he had cuts from his face to his toes. The attractive tawny owl mannequin in my portray above was a sufferer of simply such a viscous assault. I used to be very disillusioned after I noticed him in the future together with his eye so badly broken.  And, as if this isn’t sufficient, the younger owls are then pushed from one owl’s area to a different throughout their seek for a spot to arrange residence. Even when these younger male owls hoot to attempt to appeal to a mate, they find yourself alerting grownup owls to their presence and get brief shrift for daring to encroach on established territory.

tawny owl with half shut injured left eye on branch at night

All about tawny owls

A while in the past, so as to research these secretive birds shut up for an image I used to be planning for my winter exhibition, I put a nest field up in a line of sycamore timber about 90 yards from my residence and gallery in Thixendale, North Yorkshire. The field was taken up virtually instantly by a good-looking pair. Initially woodland birds, tawny owls have adopted new and extra open habitat, usually muscling in on the normal haunts of the barn owl. Tawny owls are extraordinarily versatile hunters, which is why they’re so profitable. Britain is residence to round 100,000 pairs. Their food plan largely consists of small mammals like wooden mice, however they are going to eat virtually something they will catch. Birds, frogs, fish, worms, massive bugs and small rabbits are all on the menu. They are going to even scavenge highway kill.

three tawny owl chicks on branch (one in middle has its wings outstretched) with adult flying towards them dark night sky behind

Owls at my chook desk

I made a decision to benefit from this latter behavior and started to place mice and road-kill pheasant on my chook desk at night time. Extra conventional seed mixes have been nonetheless out there for my frequent backyard birds by day. The ploy proved extra profitable than I had anticipated. In addition to attracting the tawny owl couple, I’ve additionally attracted kestrels and barn owls. These birds of prey now feed simply 9 metres from my kitchen window, which makes photographing them a lot simpler.

I’m used to watching my wildlife topics cramped in a disguise, midway up a tree, within the freezing chilly. However now I can research these birds from the consolation of my kitchen – though my spouse used to complain that the home was a bit on the chilly aspect as I usually used to maintain the window open many of the night time in order that I might {photograph} them. I’ve since constructed a disguise nearer to the desk – and even a tunnel to succeed in the disguise in order that I can go instantly from my front room to the disguise with out alerting the birds to my presence.

I’ve additionally put in infrared sensors that beep to announce the arrival of a customer. And the birds don’t appear to thoughts a 500w safety gentle that I rigged up with a dimmer swap in order that I can see them higher at night time. Illuminated, it’s fascinating to observe the owls interacting with one another. And nowadays the tawny owls are so used to me I can truly rise up fairly shut.

artist robert e fuller photographing tawny owl as it feeds off his garden bird table

Barn owls take cost

Unusually, the primary yr I watched it was the barn owl that appeared to be in cost at my chook desk. It’s a a lot smaller chook and is outnumbered at my chook desk two to at least one. I’ve seen tawny owls attacking barn owls earlier than. However this Yorkshire Wolds barn owl have to be more durable than the lowland birds I’ve watched. Just lately I switched on the sunshine to see the tawny owl pair sharing a publish preening each other. This tenderness is one thing I’d by no means earlier than witnessed. Usually the feminine is snatching the male’s meals from him regardless that there’s lots for each of them. Sensibly, he at all times offers means, though not with out an indignant hoot and a screech.tawny owl chick begs food from adult owl on branch with night sky behind

Evening sounds

My new ‘chook of prey feeding station’ is now a key a part of the tawny owls’ territory and so they defend it fiercely from others. The truth is this chook desk is now effectively established and I’m usually woken presently of yr with violent fights on our rooftop. It makes me really feel a bit of sorry for the younger interlopers who’re solely making an attempt to make their very own means in life. However I don’t count on they stand an opportunity in opposition to this well-bonded pair. On nonetheless, frosty nights, the male’s hoots ring out down the valley and are sometimes answered by neighbouring owls and interrupted by the bark of a fox or the eerie screech of a barn owl. Scroll all the way down to see all my work of tawny owls. For extra data and costs click on on the images.

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painting of three tawny owl chicks on branch
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