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Use a Flea Comb on My Cat (7 Primary Suggestions)

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If you happen to’ve ever had a cat with a flea infestation, you understand how tough it’s to handle. Only a few missed fleas can result in a significant resurgence. There are many methods to deal with fleas, and a flea comb is a crucial instrument within the combat in opposition to fleas when used alongside different therapies. These combs are designed to drag out fleas, eggs, and waste out of your cat’s fur with out inflicting them ache.

Studying to make use of a flea comb requires somewhat little bit of observe, although. Listed below are seven tricks to make the method as easy as potential.

The 7 Tricks to Use a Flea Comb on Your Cat

1. Select the Proper Comb

combing fur of a maine coon cat
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A flea comb is an extended comb with carefully spaced tines that may rake out something in your cat’s fur, together with fleas and flea eggs. Most flea combs have plastic or steel tooth. Steel tooth might be more practical, however some cats with delicate pores and skin will cooperate extra with a plastic comb. Some combs have steel tooth with rubber ideas that improve consolation.

Tooth size can also be vital. Cats with lengthy fur ought to have combs with longer tooth, whereas kittens ought to have combs with a lot shorter tooth. This can make it easier to attain via each layer of fur to comb your cat.

2. Put together Your Space

You’ll desire a secure space to comb your cat the place you possibly can sit comfortably and clear up any unfastened fleas. Some homeowners desire to comb their cat within the bathtub for simple cleanup, whereas others lay out newspaper to catch falling dust and fleas. An enclosed space may also help you include your cat whether it is more likely to run.

You’ll additionally wish to put together a bucket of sizzling water and dish cleaning soap. This bucket ought to be deep and stuffed about midway full. You’ll use this to wash your brush and drown fleas, so it ought to have sufficient area between the highest of the water and the sting of the bucket to stop fleas from leaping out.

3. Pre-brush for Tangles

Woman brushing a gray cat
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Earlier than you employ the flea brush, it’s greatest to go over your cat’s fur with a detangling brush, particularly for cats with longer fur. This can eliminate unfastened fur, tangles, and mats. Take your time, as will probably be a lot simpler to make use of the flea brush on tangle-free fur.

4. Brush From Head to Tail

Begin by brushing your cat’s head, neck, and shoulders and slowly work your means in direction of the again of the cat. Brush your cat’s again, sides, and stomach, after which their legs and toes. End by brushing your cat’s tail from base to tip. You’ll all the time wish to brush in the identical path because the fur. Use agency however mild strokes and just remember to brush via all layers of fur. Some cats will cooperate greater than others. In case your cat struggles or fights in opposition to the brushing, you need to use treats and a relaxed method to assist them keep calm.

5. Hold Your Brush Clear

Close up hand holding comb of pet brush with cat fur clump or tuft wool after grooming
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The flea brush will rapidly grow to be clogged with dust and particles. As vital, use your fingers to drop any detritus into the bucket. Rinse your brush often with sizzling soapy water. This can assist maintain your brush clear and sanitary. The water may even drown any fleas and eggs that fall into it.

6. Don’t Miss Any Spots

More often than not, brushing a cat doesn’t contain cleansing each nook and cranny. However with fleas, even a number of missed eggs can result in a significant resurgence within the infestation. It’s vital to softly clear out anyplace that fleas like to cover. Fleas typically are thickest on the stomach, chin, again of the neck and base of the tail. Areas like between toes and in armpits are additionally vital to catch. A second spherical of combing a couple of minutes after you end the primary spherical may also help you catch any fleas that moved round when you have been combing.

7. Clear Up Afterwards

Cleaning carpet from cat hair with brush at home
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When you’re achieved brushing your cat, take the time to wash your space. Throw away any newspaper or ground masking. Wash or vacuum the area you used to wash your cat. Let your soapy water sit for a couple of minutes till all fleas are drowned earlier than you eliminate it. These steps will make it possible for not one of the fleas you combed will survive to seek out your cat once more.

Final Ideas

Flea combing is rather more concerned than customary grooming, however it may be price it. Combing your cat each day for a number of weeks can typically assist resolve even critical flea infestations as a part of an entire flea management plan. Ultimately, your cat will probably be again to its joyful, wholesome self.

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