Tirana water distribution castle

It is one of the most beautiful mountains in Albania, which from above looks like a giant beehive, with the most beautiful colors of the earth and places full of picnics and walks to stay long in the country.

Today we will visit the Highlands of Tirana to explore the Mountain with Pits. Starting from Qafë Priska to go to the meadows of Feken, the meadows of Linos, Kroin e Kuq, the Cave of Val and the high forests on the road that connects the mountains of Tirana with Elbasan.

The first destination is Qafë Molla, which lies on a mountain side immersed in greenery; this is the first and last inhabited village up to St. George. The road that connects the Tirana Highlands and Burrel, Martanesh and Elbasan was built by the Italians in the ‘40s. Fragmbnete of this road have not moved from the place, although 80 years have passed. Drainage channels along its side are probably the reason for its longevity.

Fekeni is the next stop, a military area, but that has some roadside lawns which can be used for picnics and various games.

But this area also has a sad history. In 1981, 40 years ago during the winter training conducted by the students of the former United Officers High School, a powerful avalanche knocked them down, causing the death of 11 servicemen, of whom 3 were lecturers and 8 were students.

The road to Gropa Mountain is impressive. The protected landscape of the Mountain with Giza Bize-Martanesh has an area of ​​257.2 square km. The recreation area is 8.4 square km. So the opportunities to find a suitable place are numerous.

Professor Perikli Qirjazi, author of the work “Natural Monuments of Albania”, shows that the declared part of the Natural Monument of the Mountain with Flu starts near the top of Snoji i Madh and the most interesting part of this mountain are the pits to give the idea of ​​bee hives.

He showed that the water that penetrates into the pits of the mountain circulates through an extremely dense underground network and comes out around the Mountain with Pits in a chain of springs, among them large springs that supply Erzeni, Ishmin, Shkumbin.

“Mali me Gropa is a large water-distributing castle in the capital. “The capital has long received water from the springs of Selita and St. George, which flow into the vicinity of Mali me Gropa”, says Professor Qirjazi.

The linen meadows that emerge behind a large, dense forest are another picnic opportunity.

Above the lawn is Guroi i Bardhë, the peak that separates Tirana from Burrel.

Near Biza, where no one lives today is the Val Cave, with a length of about 250 meters, width 35 meters and height 25 meters. The loss of the Biza Stream inside the cave, which emerges in the Mati Valley, makes this place more interesting.

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