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The ‘Octocurse’: Watch This If You Eat Octopuses

Have you ever heard of the “octocurse”? A brand new PETA video created by Gray London is warning individuals of the risks of this fabled, historical curse. In the event you or somebody you recognize remains to be consuming octopuses, that you must watch it and share it with them:

The Octocurse


The terrifying octocurse is alleged to befall anybody who kills, cooks, or consumes octopuses by turning them right into a cephalopod:

Backside Line: Consuming Octopuses Is Merciless and Pointless

Okay, possibly the octocurse isn’t actual – however it’s at all times good to err on the facet of warning (and compassion)! As a result of what could be very actual is the ache and struggling that these superb animals endure when captured for meals. In actual fact, as a result of their brains are distributed all through their our bodies, octopuses are extraordinarily delicate to ache, so being reduce up alive or speared to dying – each frequent strategies of killing these animals – causes them extended agony.

“Einsteins of the Sea”

What’s extra, octopuses are recognised as “Einsteins of the ocean” and are able to complicated thought processes: they will navigate mazes, use instruments, and learn to do things like unscrew lids just by watching. They’re masters of disguise, they adorn their properties as we do, and so they have glorious reminiscences.

These fascinating, very smart animals ought to be revered and allowed to reside in peace, not be killed for a snack.

So, please, go away octopuses off your plate and urge all your mates by no means, ever to eat these intelligent cephalopods. Present them the octocurse video to assist unfold the phrase:

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One Extra Factor…

Gran Canaria within the Canary Islands, Spain, is about to open the world’s first intensive octopus farm. Tons of of hundreds of those hyperintelligent animals can be commercially reared in cramped tanks yearly earlier than being slaughtered for meals. Assist PETA cease these plans!

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