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The Elusive Predators of Zululand

Most predators may be elusive and troublesome to search out, however you solely should look in the correct place on the proper time to get a glimpse of the predators of Zululand.

Listed here are a couple of tricks to get you began:

African Wild Canine are diurnal hunters, and run lengthy distances to catch their prey. They’re most energetic in the course of the early hours of the day and late within the afternoon when the bush is good and funky. Search for them whereas they’re on the hunt and also you would possibly get fortunate, nevertheless it does imply that you’ll have to get up additional early!

Predators of Zululand - African Wild Dogs

Cheetahs, like Wild Canine, are additionally daytime hunters and like to be energetic when temperatures are cooler. They do, nonetheless, spend plenty of time resting to preserve their vitality as their brief, excessive pace sprinting could be very exhausting. Search for them mendacity flat on the bottom underneath the shade of some timber on scorching days.

Predators of Zululand - Cheetah

Leopards are nocturnal animals and use their stealth to hunt their prey. This makes them much more troublesome to see, like many predators of Zululand. They’re usually shy and really nicely camouflaged. They do, nonetheless, wish to climb and can usually pull their kills up a tree to maintain it away from scavengers. Be sure you look out (and up) for these elusive cats, as they could be hiding within the timber. To extend your probabilities even additional, go on an evening drive, the place you would possibly see one on the prowl.

African Wild Canine, Cheetahs and Leopards are three of the precedence species and predators of Zululand that Wildlife ACT displays annually. Be a part of our Endangered and Precedence Species Monitoring programme in case you are all in favour of becoming a member of us within the area.

Textual content and pictures by Wildlife ACT Precedence Species Displays on iMfolozi, Chris du Toit and Gareth Robinson

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