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The 6 Finest NO-MESS Fowl Seed Blends! (I exploit #6)

NO-MESS chook seed gives many advantages when feeding birds.

no mess bird seed blends and mixtures - blue jay

However, because the title suggests, the BEST half about these meals is that they don’t depart behind any shells, husks, or hulls! Your feeding station space stays clear. 🙂


However what are the BEST no-mess meals mixes to contemplate?


Right this moment, I’m offering SIX totally different blends, with hyperlinks exhibiting the place you should purchase them on-line. I’m additionally together with my ideas on every one. Ensure you make it to the tip of the checklist as a result of #6 is BY FAR my favourite possibility for no waste chook meals.


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And simply bear in mind, should you go in search of a no-mess chook seed mix at a neighborhood retailer, ensure that it doesn’t embrace any FILLER seeds. Sadly, many producers embrace FILLER meals, that are tremendous low-cost, to assist deliver the price of the bag down. These filler meals (similar to milo) are hardly ever eaten by most varieties of birds.


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  • Sunflower kernels
  • Peanut items
  • Almond items
  • Pistachio items
  • Hulled white millet
  • Pecan items
  • Shelled pumpkin seed items


All of the meals on this mix are both small or have been chopped up into items, which suggests this no-mess combine is nice to make use of in conditions the place the meals must move by a feeder.


An important instance could be a tube feeder and most hopper-style feeders. Bigger meals that has not been damaged up, similar to peanuts and almonds, tends to get caught inside some of these feeders.

Features tube feeder / Absolute II hopper feeder


This mix has an extremely wholesome combination of seeds and tree nuts. Your birds might be more than happy consuming this meals. Significantly, it’s making me hungry and I need to go discover a path combine for myself (I LOVE almonds and pistachios)!


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  • Sunflower kernels
  • Shelled peanuts
  • Pistachios
  • Pecans
  • Shelled pumpkin seeds


This no-mess combine is just like the primary mix on the checklist, besides you’ll discover that the seeds have NOT been damaged up into items. As a substitute of peanut items, you’re getting your entire shelled peanut. As a substitute of pistachio items, you get the entire pistachio.


The primary distinction between meals items and the entire meals is the kind of feeder you’ll be able to put it in. The Lyric Delite Excessive Protein No Waste Combine most likely wouldn’t work nice in most tube feeders, for the reason that bigger meals may get caught. As a substitute, you need to use it largely with platform or tray feeders.

tray and platform feeders

Woodlink 3 in 1 Platform / Domed Tray Feeder


In my view, most birds appear to want the WHOLE meals, as a substitute of the seed or nut being chopped up into items. However that’s simply from my private expertise, and your outcomes could differ.


As well as, this combination does NOT have white proso millet, which is often a meals that’s included for GROUND feeding birds.


best no-mess bird seed mixtures and blends

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  • Sunflower kernels, Peanuts, Cracked corn, Raisins, Pistachio, Almonds, Canary grass seed, Dried cranberries, Walnuts, Pecans


This no-mess mix is the winner for the MOST quantity of components!


However simply because there are quite a lot of various kinds of meals doesn’t imply that the Kaytee Extremely Waste Free Nut & Fruit Mix is healthier. Let’s dive in a bit additional.


Actually, a lot of the meals on this mix are nice. I like that sunflower kernels and peanuts are the primary two components, which suggests they’re essentially the most outstanding. Cracked corn is subsequent, which is a really cheap meals that can attraction to many birds that feed on the bottom.


It’s additionally good to see somewhat little bit of dried fruit (raisins and cranberries). Some birds eat dried fruit to assist complement their weight-reduction plan, and you might even see some birds that aren’t usually drawn to feeders, like American Robins.

Canary Grass Seed

The one seed within the bag that doesn’t appear obligatory is canary grass seed. This meals doesn’t attraction to many varieties of birds, apart from ones that feed on the bottom. And canary grass seed is costlier by weight than cracked corn, and even white proso millet, so it simply looks as if an costly various that would have been eradicated.


best no mess bird foods

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  • Sunflower Kernels
  • Peanuts
  • Pistachios
  • Hulled Pumpkin Seed


Was this no waste chook meals mix made for birds or for me? Significantly, that could be a great-looking checklist of components!


I like that this combination has no “filler” seeds. All of the seeds and nuts ought to be eaten rapidly by your yard birds.


Actually, it’s nice that Wild Delight didn’t attempt to get too fancy by together with a number of totally different components. They saved it easy with meals that birds LOVE!


no mess bird seed

View Right this moment’s Worth


  • Sunflower kernels
  • Peanut items
  • Cracked corn
  • Shelled pumpkin seeds


The Wagner’s Connoisseur Waste Free Fowl Meals mix retains it easy with solely FOUR components. However these 4 components will attraction to a WIDE number of chook species.


The components on this combination are similar to the Wild Delight No Waste Fowl Meals (#5) above, apart from one meals. As a substitute of getting pistachios, Wagner’s Connoisseur Waste Free Fowl Meals consists of cracked corn.


One meals isn’t technically higher than the opposite, however the two are simply totally different and appeal to totally different birds. Cracked corn is cheaper than pistachios, and in addition appeals to birds that feed on the bottom. However since cracked corn is a grain, additionally it is favored by some invasive species that are likely to take over feeding stations, like Home Sparrows and European Starlings.


#6. Make your personal no-mess chook seed mix!

no mess bird seed diy


The entire no-waste chook seed mixes that I’ve listed thus far are nice. They embrace components that birds love and in addition received’t depart behind any mess for you.


Sadly, there may be one drawback:


Did you click on on the included hyperlinks above? In that case, you most likely realized that no-mess blends are costly! You is perhaps asking your self if it’s price paying much more cash simply to keep away from cleansing the mess that shell waste leaves behind.


Fortunately, there are a number of options.


First, virtually with out fail, it’s considerably cheaper to purchase baggage of chook meals at a neighborhood retailer than shopping for on-line. One motive for that is the excessive value of transport chook seed since it’s heavy. However even shopping for a no-mess chook seed mix domestically may be pricey.


Have you ever ever tried making your personal no-mess meals?


Actually, I can’t bear in mind the final time that I purchased a pre-made chook meals combine. I ALWAYS make my very own! Right here’s what I do:


At a ironmongery store close to my home, I purchase particular person baggage of seed, like sunflower kernels, shelled peanuts, and corn. By weight, shopping for the luggage individually is often a lot cheaper.

Then after I feed my birds, I simply mix all of the totally different seeds and nuts collectively! I’ve separate metallic rubbish cans for every meals, which permits me to vary the ratio of every combine I supply day-after-day. However you might additionally simply combine all of the totally different seeds collectively in a single giant bin should you discover that simpler.


Shopping for chook meals can get VERY costly. I’ve discovered the least costly possibility for me is the technique of shopping for separate baggage of meals and making my very own combine every day!


What’s your favourite NO-MESS chook seed?


Please depart a COMMENT beneath! 🙂


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