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New BirdCast Dashboard Spotlights the Hottest States and Counties for Chook Migration

Map of the continental United States showing numbers of migrant birds that passed through in autumn of 2021. Text on image: Iowa 868 million, Missouri 871 million, Texas 836 million, Alabama 872 million, Georgia 913 million.
A BirdCast information compilation depicts the highest states for chicken migration throughout autumn 2021. The heaviest site visitors was via the center of the continent, although states within the northeastern and western U.S. nonetheless obtained a whole bunch of tens of millions of migrants in a season. Graphic by Audrey Carlsen. Knowledge evaluation by Adriaan Dokter. Migration information from BirdCast and eBird.

Throughout final fall’s migration season, Georgia took the highest prize for many birds— with 900 million birds migrating over the Peach State from August 1st to November fifteenth. However the birdiest night time of fall migration peaked in neighboring Alabama, the place 33 million birds flew over Baldwin County the night of October 16—the best nightly whole for any county.

These bragging-rights stats come from the brand new on-line Migration Dashboard produced by BirdCast, a collaboration amongst scientists on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Colorado State College, and College of Massachusetts Amherst that makes use of climate radar and machine studying to trace and forecast chicken migration. BirdCast has been monitoring nightly chicken migration through radar throughout the usA. since 2018, however final spring this system launched the Dashboard device to offer real-time migration information on the county degree.

“In recent times, we’ve been in a position to visualize and forecast the actions of migrating birds on a continent-wide scale,” mentioned BirdCast senior researcher Andrew Farnsworth, a analysis affiliate on the Cornell Lab. “That’s been fascinating, however now you can too get a really feel for what’s happening in your individual neck of the woods.”

Migration Dashboard gives realtime analytics about nocturnal chicken migration, equivalent to flight pace, route, and altitude. In fall 2021, BirdCast indicated that southern states like Alabama and Georgia had the best volumes of migrating birds, which makes excellent sense to radar ornithologists like Farnsworth and Adriaan Dokter.

“There’s at all times an inclination for migration to pay attention east of the Gulf [of Mexico],” mentioned Dokter, a analysis affiliate on the Cornell Lab and member of the BirdCast workforce. The explanations, he mentioned, lie within the fundamental wants of migrating birds: habitat, meals, and favorable winds.

Watch Your Nightly Chook Migration in Actual Time

In autumn as birds transfer south from their breeding grounds, they search out massive swaths of forest to shelter and refuel throughout their grueling journeys. Dokter famous that the Appalachian Mountains—that are primarily 1,500 miles of unbroken bushes operating from Canada to the Deep South— is especially attractive for migrants. The mountains gather birds from throughout the East, funneling them to the vary’s southernmost factors in Georgia and Alabama.

Giant numbers of birds additionally migrate via Midwestern states like Iowa and Missouri. When flying on favorable tailwinds (that’s, winds blowing out of the north), migrating birds are likely to drift eastward as a consequence of prevailing west-to-east winds throughout the continent. Once more, the birds are pushed towards Georgia and Alabama.

This confluence of bird-migration rivers—the place birds flying down the Appalachians meet birds drifting over from the Midwest—makes the Southeast a hub for nocturnal chicken air site visitors.

The best-volume bird-migration nights are dictated by climate.

“Birds like to migrate with good tailwinds,” mentioned Dokter. Certainly, the three largest chicken migration nights in fall 2021—on Sept. 22, Oct. 3, and Oct. 16—had been all the results of excessive strain programs that introduced chilly climate and favorable tailwinds out of the north. However Dokter theorizes there’s a distinction within the make-up of species on these three huge migration nights.

bar chart depicting migration intensity each night of the autumn 2021 migration season.
Patterns in migration site visitors throughout autumn 2021. Bars symbolize migration depth every night time of the season, with the three largest surges taking place round September 22, October 3, and October 16. Graphic by Audrey Carlsen. Knowledge evaluation by Adriaan Dokter. Migration information from BirdCast and eBird.

“It’s very possible the primary peak is extra long-distance migrants,” he mentioned. “Later we see birds that keep within the U.S. to winter.” In different phrases, birds like warblers that migrate all the way in which to Central and South America depart first, whereas sparrows and kinglets which have much less floor to cowl migrate later.

As for fall 2022, Dokter says the brand new BirdCast device provides a brand new aspect to birding the autumn migration. “I’m going to sit down there with Migration Dashboard, go searching, and let the birds shock me,” he says. 

Benjamin Hack’s work on this story as a pupil editorial assistant was made attainable by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Science Communications Fund, with help from Jay Branegan (Cornell ’72) and Stefania Pittaluga.

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