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Megamouth Shark Sightings – Why This Giant Shark Is Seldom Seen

With fewer than 300 sightings of the megamouth shark having been reported because the species’ discovery within the mid-seventies, the latest look of a pair of megamouth sharks simply 30 miles off the coast of San Diego got here as a shock to the fishermen who noticed the uncommon fish.

Megamouth Shark
Picture: OpenCage, CC BY-SA 2.5, through Wikimedia Commons (cropped / resized by

What Is Recognized About The Megamouth Shark?

The megamouth shark was first found in 1976, and since then there have been fewer than 300 sightings of this reclusive fish. Nearly all of megamouth encounters have concerned the shark being mistakenly caught as bycatch.

The megamouth grows to a size of as much as 7 meters / 22.97 ft, and and has a big head and thick lips.

With a mouth that’s as much as 1.3 meters / 4.27 ft. broad, there aren’t any prizes for guessing how the megamouth shark bought its title!

Megamouth shark in museum
Picture: opencage, CC BY-SA 2.5, through Wikimedia Commons (cropped / resized by

Though its measurement could also be intimidating, not like nearly all of sharks, the megamouth will not be an lively hunter. As an alternative, it’s a filter feeder, swimming by means of the ocean with its mouth open, gathering meals from the water because it goes. Buildings generally known as gill-rakers throughout the shark’s mouth filter meals from the seawater.

The megamouth is one among three sharks identified to feed on this method, the opposite two being the whale shark and the basking shark, that are the world’s largest and second-largest fish, respectively.

Meals captured by the megamouth shark contains plankton, jellyfish, and small crustaceans. The shark’s massive mouth, small enamel and rounded snout have generally led observers to mistake it for a younger orca.

Bioluminescent Mouth?

It was as soon as hypothesized that the shark’s white higher lip might possess some type of bioluminescence, performing as a light-weight entice to lure prey into its mouth.

Research have since disproved this, discovering that this space of pores and skin is definitely product of the identical substance that makes fish scales shine. Nonetheless, the concept that this acts as a mild entice continues to be believable, although it isn’t bioluminescent.

The place Is The Megamouth Shark Discovered?

The primary megamouth shark was found in 1976, after having grow to be entangled in a US Navy ship’s anchor off the coast of Hawaii.

It was one other eight years earlier than a second was discovered off the coast of California. Megamouth sharks have since been discovered within the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans.

Over half of the world’s megamouth sightings have been made off the coast of Taiwan. It’s not identified whether or not it’s because the shark’s inhabitants is largest on this area or as a result of extra megamouths are caught right here because of the nation’s lively whaling trade.

Since 2013, Taiwanese fishing vessels have been required to each report the seize of any megamouth sharks and retain the physique for samples. This has resulted in 136 reported megamouth shark captures.

Native environmental teams are campaigning for higher safety for the megamouth shark. Though the fishing trade claims the sharks are being caught mistakenly as bycatch, it’s alleged that the species is being deliberately focused.

Why Is The Megamouth So Uncommon?

The megamouth is a deep-water shark and because of this isn’t seen by people. The species may be discovered anyplace from the floor to depths of 15,000 ft (4600 meters).

Like many deep-sea creatures, the megamouth spends most of its life at midnight depths of the ocean, solely coming to the floor at night time.

How Quick Does The Megamouth Shark Swim?

Researchers connected a radio tag to a person megamouth that was caught off the coast of California, earlier than releasing it again into the ocean. The monitoring knowledge revealed that the shark traveled extremely slowly, swimming at speeds of between 0.93 and 1.30 miles per hour. It moved up and down within the water column through the night time and day respectively. The shark’s poor swimming potential is confirmed by its delicate, flabby physique, in distinction to extra lively filter-feeding sharks (supply).

It’s doubtless that these sharks are naturally very uncommon, however scientists wouldn’t have sufficient knowledge on the species to precisely decide its conservation standing. They’re thought-about susceptible to overfishing as a result of they develop so slowly and have very low charges of copy, so any inhabitants decline could also be tough to reverse.

An Uncommon Sighting

Though the sighting of any megamouth shark is extraordinary, the truth that two had been noticed collectively makes this much more fascinating. Thus far sightings have been singular, and that is probably the primary time that two megamouth sharks have ever been seen collectively.

Scientists have speculated as as to whether this may occasionally have been courtship conduct, probably indicating that southern California could possibly be an essential breeding floor for this uncommon species.

How A lot Do We Know About Megamouth Copy?

You’ll find out extra about shark copy on the next pages:

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There may be little stable details about the copy of megamouth sharks, as no recovered specimens have carried embryos. Nonetheless, observations from the ovaries of feminine sharks recommend that they’re ovoviviparous, which means that younger sharks develop in eggs contained in the mom’s physique earlier than they hatch as reside younger.

Throughout the gestation interval, the mom will feed her younger with unfertilized eggs, moderately than offering vitamins through a placenta, as different animals that give start to reside younger do. When the younger sharks are born, they’re often round 170cm in size and can instantly grow to be filter feeders.

Analysis has supplied only a few solutions in regards to the megamouth’s courtship conduct, however some females have been caught with contemporary mating scars on their our bodies at many alternative instances of the yr, indicating that they mate all yr spherical. It is usually thought that the shark offers start to younger in decrease latitude waters, as that is the place most juvenile megamouths have been reported (supply).

Usually, feminine megamouths are bigger than males. The species, like different sharks, is assumed to indicate indeterminate progress. Which means that the shark by no means stops rising all through its life, and can proceed to extend in measurement for so long as its setting permits.

Which means that there isn’t a selected age at which a megamouth shark reaches maturity, however a sure measurement. Half of all females studied reached maturity at 5.17 meters in size, whereas males reached maturity at 4.26 meters.

This pattern is similar as in different shark species, the place feminine sharks are bigger as a result of they want the additional girth to have the ability to carry their younger (supply).

Extra Questions Than Solutions

Though our data of the megamouth shark has elevated over latest years, a lot of what we all know relies on data from different shark species, and there may be little knowledge straight referring to megamouths.

Which means that there are nonetheless so many questions that scientists don’t have solutions to.

For instance, how massive can megamouth sharks develop and the way lengthy do they reside? Have they got any predators? What number of pups have they got? Though mating scars have been reported, we nonetheless know so little about their courtship conduct and the place they breed.

We don’t even understand how broadly distributed the sharks are, and with out this detailed data, it’s tough to understand how greatest to guard them. Every new megamouth sighting is essential in offering scientists with contemporary insights into these elusive creatures and their mysterious lives within the deep.

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