Klos l A small place with ancient history


From the Illyrians to the time of the Byzantine emperor Justian, and then to the Ottoman Conquest, Klosi was affected by the currents of history. About two hours away from Tirana, Klosi is known for the green nature and the fertility of the land, which makes it a suitable place to live, as well as a picturesque tourist spot.

At the entrance of Klosi every visitor faces many vineyards and grapes and fruit trees like apples, plums, nuts.

A special place in Klosi is the village of Suç, whose name comes from the word “bloodshed”, as it is said that during the Ottoman Occupation, a bloody battle took place in Suç.

On the left side of the road, on the hill stands the Church of St. Nicholas, built on the ruins of a very old Catholic church, which was destroyed during the Ottoman period. Monumental cemeteries have been discovered at this site, thought to belong to the Justinian era.

Historical village in Klosi

But not only Suçi is a historical village in Klosi, as in the caves of the village of Skënderaj, archeological excavations suggest that there were cemeteries belonging to the Illyrian era.

Near the main road, in Suç, there is a historical monument, where three great events are carved for that province: the Assembly of Mat, in 1911, the formation of the battalion of Mat, in 1944 and the formation of the Council run in the same month, which was as the local government of the province and of which the inhabitants are very proud.

Klosi is one of the most famous villages of Mallakastra, which rises on the land of the ancient city of Nikaja. The ruins of a theater, a stadium, a promenade, several dwellings and a long line of perimeter walls are evidence of the civilization that “lives” here since antiquity.

Once in his book “Serbs and Albanians” the famous historian Milan Shuflaj stated that after the abandonment of Apollonia in the 5th century, part of its inhabitants settled in Nikaja or Klisura, as it was called during the Middle Ages the city on the mouth of the river Vjosa.

Epigraphist Luis Robert

The first attempt to identify the ancient city of Klosi was made by the French epigraphist Luis Robert, a well-known expert in the field. In 1965 he came to Albania where he studied a series of inscriptions in some of the famous archeological sites. Among them was the inscription of Lolian in Bylis and he suggested that Astacia was nothing but the ancient city of Klosi, which he called Nicaea:

Up to this point the well-known professor of Greek history and epigraphy at the Collège de France was right, because up to that time no archeological excavations had been carried out in the ruins of Klosi and there was only a perimeter wall observed in its physical condition by Prashnikeri in 1916 -1918 (Camillo Praschniker Muzakia und Malakastra, Vienna, 1920).


Prashniker made the first plan of the spread of Nicaea during the years of the First World War, which he published together with other data in his book “Mallakastra and Myzeqeja” in 1922 in Vienna, recently republished in Albanian language. While archeological excavations started too late to be completed at the same time very quickly.

Only in the years 1970-1971, the Institute of Archeology began the first excavations in Klosi. It would be Lazër Papajani who dug the first one here, discovering a theater, a promenade, some flats, ceramic objects, etc. He published their results in the form of studies in the scientific journals of the time, such as: “Historical Studies”, “Archaeological Bulletin” and “Monuments”. Subsequently, for unknown reasons, archaeological excavations and further studies at Klosi remained in place, as they continue to this day.

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