James Bond fans: 8 destinations to visit

James Bond

Secret islands, luxury hotels and scenic views – these are just some of the details that remind us of the long saga of James Bond action movies, and with the release of the premiere of the latest movie ‘No Time to Die’, there was no more time good to present this list of places worth visiting for anyone wanting to recall the inaccessible adventures of the world famous celebrity detective.

Among the 26 films created to date, the Bond character has undertaken about 150 trips to more than 50 countries around the world. Wearing a tuxedo, leaving behind the lobby of a luxury hotel, to ride in the sports car that awaits him outside – this is nothing but an image embedded in our collective memories and a character worthy of inspiring one of the trips our future.

Below, you will find a list of scenic locations that have been used as landscapes of some of James Bond’s favorite movies over the years:

1 – Hagia Sophia, Turkey

Bond’s second film, From Russia with Love (1963), was shot in Istanbul, Turkey. Scenes include some of the most stunning places of the ancient city of former Constantinople, from the Old Bazaar to the Cistern Basilica, from where the agent makes a spectacular escape to the magical Hagia Sophia, under the backdrop of which the romantic meeting between Agent 007 and Tatiana takes place. Romanova-s.

2 – Himeji Castle, Japan

You Only Live Twice (1967) was one of the earliest films in the Bond series, which highlighted the exotic colors and beauties of Japan. One of the main destinations – Himeji Castle – is located in the Japanese province of Hyogo. This amazing white structure was the perfect place where the agent underwent a martial arts training that would raise him to the level of a ninja warrior like James Bond.

3 – Ko Ta Pu Islands, Thailand

At a height of 20 meters, this high rocky island was an impressive detail of the Bond film of 1974, ‘The Man with the Gold Rifle’. In the movie – this was the secret haven of the antagonistic character and James Bond’s conspiratorial enemy, Francisco Scaramanga but now he is known as James Bond Island.

4 – Holy Trinity Monastery, Greece

From Athens to Mykonos, Greece has served as the setting for many of the 007 films. But in the version (1981) – ‘For Your Eyes Only’ – this monastery remains an unforgettable sequence. Built in Kalambaka, it is believed to have been built in the early 13th century, by monks seeking a safe haven. The ascent to this place has been nicknamed a ‘Herculean Mission’ as a result of the descent and 140 steps to the entrance gate.

5 – Pallati Taj Lake, India

The only place in India where at least half of a Bond film was shot – ‘Octopussy’ (1983). The Lake Palace was once the summer residence of the Indian Maharaja royal family, Udaipur. The palace was later turned into a hotel in 1963, which made it the perfect location for a movie full of action, adventure and grandeur like 007s. In the film, this palace appears as a flying island populated only by women.

6 – Lake Como, Italy

The first Bond film starring Daniel Craig in 2006, ‘Casino Royale’ contained a long list of exotic destinations like Prague, the Bahamas and even Uganda. But it was Italy, where Agent 007 would ‘reawaken’ after being tortured by terrorist financier Le Chiffree. What are you waiting for experiencing a James Bond feeling.

7 – Royal Palace Blenheim, England

A list of Bond destinations would be incomplete without showing a royal palace like that of Blenheim – which appeared in all its seductive beauty during the movie ‘Specter’ (2015). This was the place of a mysterious meeting as well as the starting point of one of the most beautiful car races in the history of cinematography. In the film, the scene is supposed to take place in Rome, but in fact it was shot in Woodstock, England. There you can be a real James Bond.

8 – Jules Verne Restaurant, Paris

Sitting in the restaurant on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, ‘Jules Verne’, Bond met the French detective, Achille Aubergine. The high-altitude location of the Eiffel Tower restaurant is the most appropriate directorial choice for one of the most dramatic scenes of ‘A View to Kill’. Reservations at this restaurant nowadays are mandatory and a dinner starts from € 190 per person for a tasting menu. This is a excellent to feel James Bond.

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