In Shishtavec and Novosej to celebrate with the inhabitants of the area St. George

Albania, Kukes County, Shishtavec, village

We will tell you about Shishtavec, which is populated by Gorani and Novoseja of Albanians, the two countries that have made a living together. Together with them, we will celebrate the reception of summer, or St. George the day when the land is planted with the famous potatoes of the area.

The inhabitants of Shishtavec woke up early because they are waiting for the planting of the land with the famous potato that the whole of Albania knows, the potato of Shishtavec.

Two languages ​​are spoken here, Albanian and Nashinski or otherwise known as a language spoken by the autochthonous Albanian population Slavized during the period of the former Bulgarian Empire in the province of Gora, once part of the Sandzak of Prizren.

Mehmet Bala, who is the mayor of Shishtavec, is also the most famous chef in the area and tells us about the traditional food of the area and that they are part of the 100 tourist villages, but have not received investments to develop tourism in the area.

“Gora soup is an old traditional food and is advisable for tension. I took the cooking course in ’81 and then I always dealt with the kitchen with the specialists in the village kitchen, ”says the village elder.

It is the custom of Saint George that on May 5, spring be welcomed with music and dance, everyone dresses in characteristic clothes, and at dusk they go to a plateau above the village and collect tree branches which they put on the doors, but even in cars.

On May 6, they are decorated with flowers and the little ones are washed with eggs and flowers Buslegji singing the verses: Water down, the child up, the children grew up healthy and this according to the gender of the little ones.

After the visit to Shishtavec we go to Novosej. If you come to Novosej you will find many trails to walk, lawn to stay and river water to cool off.

Abedin Noka, a resident of Novoseja, tells us more about this mountainous tourist area.

“The village of Novosej is as old as antiquity itself. The first traces are in Gjeradisht, there were the first inhabitants. “The people of Novoseja are known for their patriotism, generosity, hospitality and faith,” he said.

The name Novosej comes from the Slavic novo-ri and sello-village, ie new village. Novoseja is the last Albanian village in the province of Gora.

Taking with us a plum branch for customs, and the generosity of the people of this area, we leave Shishtavec and Novosela being suggested as a destination worth visiting.

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