How to become a digital nomad

digital nomad

How can you become a ‘digital nomad’ and work online from anywhere?

After the global recession of 2008 but especially after the pandemic, the number of people who started looking for alternatives in terms of their way of life.

This is because their jobs not only became more insecure, but the options to work ‘remotely’ or from home became more and more widespread.

Those who live as digital nomads often say that they have the opportunity to visit amazing places, learn from different cultures, work wherever and whenever they want – in short, this is the very meaning of freedom for them.

But what is the reality of living as a digital nomad and how easy is it to achieve?

What are digital nomads?

Digital nomads are employees who are not forced to do their work in a fixed office or location. To have a career you can study to become a nomad.

They use modern technology to work from coffee shops, hotel rooms, common areas, libraries or even just from their homes.

All it takes is access to WiFi and a laptop or phone and they can be virtually anywhere in the world, offering their services to an employer or client.

There is not just one type of digital nomad, in fact the types of work that can be done ‘remotely’ are numerous.

Some people choose to live this lifestyle without moving from the city where they live, because what they are looking for is exactly the warmth of home.

But some others prefer to travel, from one country to another, or to be stationed in a foreign country which is not their country of birth. Often they choose places with warm temperatures all year round, or states with lower costs than the metropolises they come from.

The range of choices

Those who take the word ‘Nomad’ literally choose not to live in a fixed home at all and are constantly on the go, working from hostel rooms or Airbnb apartments and short-term rentals, flying from one country to another.

For them, this method of working allows them to finance their trips along with the daily expenses.

Depending on the job, they often have the opportunity to save much more than they would living in a fixed home.

Practically, the complete freedom to move and work online is what sums up all types of working as a digital nomad.


Of course there are many advantages when it comes to total autonomy over the location. After all, in most jobs you’d be lucky if you got 3 weeks vacation a year.

1 – They save money by living in countries with a low cost of living

2 – Flexibility to live wherever you want

3 – Put toxic work relationships or office politics behind you

4 – Experience new cultures

5 – Make friends

6 – Learn new languages ​​and new skills

7 – Travel!

8 – Set your own schedules and take time off when you want!

9 – Spend the winter on the beach and the summer in the mountains!


Working from where you want and taking vacations when you want would be a dream for many people! But of course there are disadvantages to this way of life and there are many who do it for a while and return to ‘normality’ even though this is not true for everyone!

1 – If you are constantly moving, it can become exhausting

2 – If you are not disciplined, productivity may drop

3 – Digital nomads often suffer from loneliness

4 – Lack of stability is a problem for many

5 – In certain cases you may encounter a lack of privacy

6 – After some time, the journey can become mundane…

Many digital nomads decide to give up the word ‘nomad’ but continue working remotely, more precisely working from home and traveling less.

The benefits are the same, as you can set your own hours and holidays too, but this is in addition to the advantages that come from having a fixed place and a long-term home!

How much do digital nomad earn?

Once more, this is beyond difficult to pinpoint. Numerous web-based business people, similar to blogger and subsidiary advertiser, Jola Heart, gloat five-figure month to month earnings; yet numerous wanderers, particularly while beginning, make definitely not exactly this. It truly relies upon the profession, your experience, and whether you work all day or part-time.

A fascinating string on famous conversation site Reddit tended to the subject of computerized traveler pay in 2015. True to form the responses were extremely shifted, from independent virtual entertainment supervisors procuring just $1600 per month when they headed out, to software engineers acquiring up to an incredible $25,000 each month with client work.

As per late patterns revealed by remote work board Remote OK, the most lucrative remote positions are various sorts of web improvement, trailed by showcasing, deals, duplicate composition, visual depiction and online entertainment.

Nonetheless, the 2014 Upwork overview saw that as 59% of the computerized travelers talked with saw an expansion in pay in the wake of going migrant versus 17% with no pay change and 24% who saw a decline. This again features the development and chance of this direction for living.

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