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Fuelled by Dinosaurs

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Generally dinosaurs could be noticed in probably the most uncommon locations. For instance, an eagle-eyed Every part Dinosaur group member noticed a fuelled by dinosaurs sticker on a automobile parked subsequent to our “dino van” at our warehouse the opposite day.

Fuelled by Dinosaurs
Fuelled by recycled dinosaurs. A decal noticed on a automobile which was parked subsequent to Every part Dinosaur’s “dino van”. Unsure if the assertion made is technically right however we appreciated the sentiment. We be aware the Americanised spelling of “fueled”. Image credit score: Every part Dinosaur.

A Mistaken Assumption

The concept petrol and different oil derived fuels are made up of the constituents of lifeless dinosaurs is a standard assumption. Sadly, while it would please a petroleum head to assume that their super-charged, sports activities automobile is powered by lengthy extinct animals like Triceratops and T. rex, this isn’t true. Fossil fuels corresponding to petrol and pure fuel are derived from the stays of (principally) plant matter corresponding to plankton (algae) laid down in a marine surroundings.

Most individuals perceive that coal is derived from plant materials, within the case of the UK, our plentiful and ubiquitous provides of coal that fuelled the commercial revolution and trade till very just lately largely consists of the stays of Carboniferous swamps and forests.

A carboniferous scene.
By the Carboniferous, the bugs had been already extremely diversified. These swamps fashioned the in depth coal measures related to the UK. Image credit score: Richard Bizley.

Fuelled by Dinosaurs

We’re sorry automobile followers, for all you petrol heads on the market, your automobile is just not powered by dinosaurs however by the traditional stays of among the easiest, but most necessary organisms on Earth – marine plankton.

Nonetheless, it’s a thought. Maybe some intelligent automobile maker or one other a part of the oil or automotive trade will latch onto this misnomer and use it of their promoting. In any case, not so way back, a well known model of petrol marketed its gas by stating put “a tiger in your tank”!

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