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Episode 402: The superb paleontologist who impressed Indiana Jones

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Episode 402: The superb paleontologist who impressed Indiana Jones. Roy Chapman Andrews fought by the Gobi Desert to make some miraculous dinosaur discoveries together with Velociraptor, Oviraptor, and a few superb dinosaur nests.

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The dinosaur of the day: Gravitholus

  • Pachycephalosaurid that lived within the Late Cretaceous in what’s now Alberta, Canada (Dinosaur Park Formation)
  • Appeared considerably much like Pachycephalosaurus, with a domed head, walked on two legs, had quick arms
  • Estimated to be 9.8 ft (3 m) lengthy
  • Kind species is Gravitholus albertae
  • Holotype is an incomplete, closely fused cranium roof
  • Described in 1979 by W. P. Wall and Peter Galton
  • Genus identify means “heavy dome”
  • Might have head butted, for mates or territory
  • Debate over whether or not Gravitholus is distinct or synonymous with Stegoceras
  • In 2020, Aaron Dyer and Mark Powers used Synchrotron imaging to check the cranium roof, and proposed Gravitholus was synonymous with Stegoceras
  • Discovered the variations between Gravitholus and Stegoceras have been on account of ontogeny, and that the Gravitholus specimen was mature
  • Different pachycephalosaurs recognized from Dinosaur Park Formation embrace Stegoceras, Hanssuesia, and Foraminacephale, although it’s not clear in the event that they lived on the similar time

Enjoyable Truth:

Roy Chapman Andrews was not directly the inspiration for the character Indiana Jones.

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