Drowning Cave in Funar


Those who have the spirit of adventure or like walking in nature and history will want to visit this place to touch closely the mystery and fear that surrounds the cave according to legend.

Today we will show you another road that can be longer, but much more interesting to follow, and that is from Elbasan. Once you reach Elbasan take the road to Funara and when you are in the center of the unit you should take the road to Mollagjesh.

Mollagjeshi is a small village bordering Krraba and is only 7 minutes away from the administrative center. Qemal Tori, a former teacher in the area, tells us some interesting details of this village hidden among the mountains.

“The village has about 80 houses and it got its name because many apples were cultivated before. Most of the inhabitants in the village are engaged in agriculture and livestock. The village has the Drowning Cave, which is located an hour away from here, “says Qemal Tori, a resident of the area.

Now begins our adventure to the Cave of Drowning, where we are accompanied by high school student Inerdo Sinani, together with his friends.

From the village to the road down the hill where the cave is located is not very far, but you can not go by low car. On foot the road takes about an hour and 15 minutes with normal step. Nowhere was there a sign showing the way to the cave, and if it were not for these young boys, we would never have found it. So you definitely need a guide with you.

Funara administrator Olition Haka tells us the legend of the Drowning Cave.

“One of the attractions to visit is the Drowning Cave in the village of Mollagjesh. This cave has a legend according to which if I went inside you should not curse. At the cave goes a group of people who were going to take a bride, who enters there because it started to rain and cursed. According to the legend, they freeze there and if you see the stalactites inside, they are in the shape of a horse with the bride, ”says Oltion Haka, administrator of Funara.

The entrance to the Drowning Cave is narrow and you almost do not realize that behind it opens a large room filled with stalactites. Strange is the fact that in the cave stalactites have two types of colors, beige and white and stalactites in the form of a horse with the bride.

If you are going to visit this place, it is good to take food, water and comfortable shoes with you. Although our trip to the Drowning Cave was a bit tedious, it really is a destination worth including on your list.

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