Diamonds into space by SpaceX, 75m mile

SpaceX plans

A British ‘space memorabilia’ firm is intending to fly jewels to the International Space Station (ISS), take them back to Earth and sell them for up to £33,700 ($45,000).

Liverpool-based firm The Space Collective, which has recently dispatched clothing names and unofficial IDs into Earth circle, plans to send ‘space precious stones’ on board a SpaceX Dragon container in September 2022, as a feature of the SpaceX CRS-26 mission.

After the dispatch, the precious stones will go through a half year on the outside of the ISS prior to being gotten back to Earth by the SpaceX case in May 2023 and given to clients the next month.

There will be a choice of precious stones to browse, running in cost from £1,875 ($2,500) for a 0.3 carat to an astounding £33,700 ($45,000) for an entire 2 carats.

Pet on board

The Space Collective is likewise proposing to send physical photographs of your companion, relative or pet on board a similar trip for £449 ($337).

Both the photographs and jewels will accompany documentation specifying their flight history and declaring their flown-in-space status of SpaceX.

Every precious stone will likewise be laser engraved for ‘validation purposes’, as per The Space Collective.

‘Give the endowment of the stars with a certified Space Diamond that is booked to be dispatched into space up to the International Space Station,’ the firm says on its site.

‘Once on board, the payload containing this precious stone will be conveyed outside the space station by the space explorers where it will be presented to the outrageous climate of space.’

Circled Earth

When the jewels return to Earth, they will have voyaged in excess of 75 million miles and circled Earth multiple times.

The precious stones will be inside the MISSE (Materials International Space Station Experiment), a holder that is isolated from the ISS – which means in fact they will not have been inside the principle body of the space station.

The Space Collective is dispatching space precious stones, just as photographs and banners, on account of an association with Aegis Aerospace, the space firm that works MISSE.

Initially a NASA payload that was sent from the space transport, MISSE has now been popularized by SpaceX.

SpaceX plan

‘The actual payload is sent by means of the sealed area by the space station space travelers who then, at that point, utilize the Robotic Canadarm to move it into position,’ Richard Garner, owner of The Space Collective, told MailOnline.

‘For those worried about radiation, dread not, on the grounds that the payload goes through sterilization upon its re-visitation of Earth so it, and the entirety of its important substance, are protected to deal with.’

Clients need to transfer their picked photograph as an advanced record when they make their request, which The Space Collective itself will print off.

‘Since the photos are bound for the outrageous climate of room, we want to utilize a specific kind of paper and ink as most paper/inks wouldn’t endure the excursion,’ the SpaceX says.


The SpaceX organization cutoff time for space precious stones, just as photographs and banners, is April 2022.

The organization is additionally dispatching a payload of little US military assistance banners and huge American banners in February for a comparable half year stay outside the ISS.

The different military help banners measure six by four inches and cost £300 ($350), while the US banner is 12 by eight inches and expenses £1,050 ($1,250).

All memorabilia is flown under NASA’s arrangements for business exercises on the ISS, as set up in 2019 and refreshed recently.

NASA declared plans in 2019 for sightseers to ultimately visit the ISS, as a component of its central goal to ‘market low-Earth circle’.

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