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Clumping Litter vs Crystals: Which One Is Higher For My Cat?

Choosing out the proper of litter on your cat is a necessary a part of cat possession. Not solely would you like one thing simpler to take care of, however your cat must be utterly snug utilizing it as nicely. There are a lot of elements to contemplate, akin to how a lot it prices, ease of cleansing, and much more importantly, how nicely it controls odors.

If you happen to’ve been making an attempt to determine between utilizing clumping and crystals on your cat’s litter field, we’ll go over the great, the unhealthy, and the ugly of those two distinctly totally different sorts of litter.

Overview of Clumping Litter:

The most typical clumping litter is clay, which has been confirmed for over 75 years to be very efficient at absorbing liquid and odor. It’s non-toxic and makes cleansing up the litter field a simple chore.

There are a variety of different clumping litters that aren’t made with clay and are natural and environmentally pleasant. There’s walnut, corn, recycled paper, and pine to call just a few. All of them have the aptitude to clump, however they don’t clump or provide as efficient odor management as conventional clay.

clumping litter
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How Clumping Litter Works

Clay is of course porous and may soak up fairly a little bit of liquid – consider when bricks and pottery are made and the way it turns into fairly thick and pasty.

For clumping litter, bentonite clay is mixed with normal clay, which clumps collectively in a comparatively strong mass when moist. Moreover, it’s inorganic, so there aren’t any micro organism, and it is among the greatest supplies for controlling odor.

You even have the choice of utilizing scented and unscented litter, however we advocate sticking with unscented since a robust perfume may put loads of cats off from utilizing it.

cat litter box with biodegradable pine wood chips
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Why You Ought to Use Clumping Litter

Relying on how meticulous your cat is, clumping litter is a good choice in case your cat prefers to make use of a clear litter field each time. Clumping litter is simple to scoop and lets you take away waste rapidly and simply, even straight after your cat has used the litter field. And also you don’t have to dump your entire field out each time.

Clumping litter can also be a lot simpler to watch if there are ever issues about your cat’s urinary system. You possibly can inform by the clumps that your cat is urinating as normal, which is helpful if you must keep watch over their urine manufacturing.

  • Most manufacturers clump very nicely

  • Glorious odor management

  • Simpler to watch urine and feces

  • Scooping doesn’t require throwing all litter away without delay
  • Not biodegradable
  • Might be heavy
  • Some manufacturers have a tendency to trace and are dusty

Overview of Crystal Litter:

Crystal litter has quick develop into one of many extra fashionable kinds of kitty litter. Have you ever ever seen these tiny little paper packets present in tablet bottles and typically packed in with new sneakers? They’re full of silica gel crystals, which act to protect merchandise from extra moisture.

The crystals within the cat litter are comparable and act in the identical approach. They soak up liquid, however additionally they management odor very nicely and are nearly dust-free.

crystal cat litter
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How Crystal Litter Works

Silica gel, or crystal cat litter, is mined from quartz sand, which is then produced into the litter by mixing the sand particles with oxygen and water. The crystals are lined in tiny pores that make them fairly absorbent, absorbing any liquid that comes into contact with them.

This manner, as an alternative of clumping, every particular person crystal soaks within the moisture which evaporates, however the odor is retained inside.

crystal cat litter in owners hands
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Why You Ought to Use Crystal Litter

When you have allergy symptoms that are usually triggered by clay litter mud, crystal cat litter is an effective choice because it’s dust-free. That is additionally the case in case your cat additionally experiences allergy symptoms to mud and different environmental allergens or has bronchial asthma.

This additionally helps scale back the litter and mud from sticking to your cat’s fur and paws and monitoring round your house.

You simply have to scoop the feces and stir the crystals as soon as a day. You solely substitute your entire litter field with new crystals about as soon as a month or when the crystals develop into discolored.

  • Solely want to alter the litter as soon as a month

  • Nearly dust-free

  • Absorbs moisture and odor

  • Low upkeep
  • Might be costlier than some non-clumping
  • Some cats don’t like the way it feels on their paws
  • Could be dangerous if a cat ingests an excessive amount of over a protracted interval

Components You Ought to Think about

Picture credit score: New Africa, Shutterstock

Earlier than deciding on a litter, you must take into account a number of elements that may enable you determine what sort of litter will work greatest on your cat:

  • Mud: Crystal litter undoubtedly performs higher within the dust-free class, however there are a selection of manufacturers of clay litters that do fairly nicely on this space as nicely. Learn buyer critiques if mud is a particular situation, although. Some firms declare their litter is nearly dust-free, which isn’t all the time correct.

  • Odor management:Once more, each crystal and clay litters are hit or miss, relying on the model of litter. Crystal litter tends to do a wonderful job at odor management, and a few manufacturers of clay provide the identical. However many firms, like with the mud, declare glorious odor management, which isn’t all the time true.

  • Texture:This is a vital level as many cats are fairly explicit about their litter. For essentially the most half, most cats want a litter that’s sandy in texture, so goal for this in the event you can. Some crystal and clumping litters are too giant and may need sharp bits that many cats gained’t like strolling on.

  • Ease of cleansing:Each choices excel on this space. A very good clumping and crystal litter solely want each day scooping and an entire change of litter about as soon as a month.

  • Mess issue:Crystal litter wins right here. As we’ve already talked about various instances, there’s a lot much less mud and bits flying out of the litter field than there may be for a lot of clumping litters. Some clay litters are higher than others with respect to monitoring, so if that is so, keep away from any clay litters marketed as light-weight. Whereas it’s simpler to lug round, it tends to trace fairly badly.
cat on a walnut litter
Picture Credit score: MelodicinD, Shutterstock

Aspect By Aspect Comparability of Crystal and Clumping Litters

Crystal Cat Litter Clumping Cat Litter
Silica gel crystals Bentonite blended with normal clay
Mud-free Some manufacturers are dusty
Non-toxic Non-toxic
Odor management Some manufacturers provide good odor management
Absorbs liquid however doesn’t clump Absorbs liquid and presents strong clumps
Texture may be off-putting to some cats Some clay litters provide sand-like texture
Tougher to maintain observe of urine output Straightforward to maintain observe of cat’s waste
Straightforward to wash, scoop waste and stir Straightforward to wash, scoop clumps
Costly however lasts a very long time Some are costly and others not
Good odor management Some manufacturers provide good odor management


What you determine on in the end will depend on what your cat will take to greatest in addition to your funds. Typically you must check out a number of litters earlier than you discover the one which each you and your cat can reside with.

Whereas most cats want litter that has a sandy texture, that doesn’t imply all cats want this. Some may even take pleasure in how the crystals really feel underneath their ft.

Additionally, attempt to steer clear of scented litter, as we talked about. The perfume simply masks the odor quite than eliminating it, so that you may find yourself with a house smelling like a backyard of flowers with cat waste within the center.

However via somewhat trial and error, we hope you’ll find yourself with a cat litter that you simply gained’t thoughts altering, and your cat will dig to their coronary heart’s content material!

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