Cloud most used in the 3 Nordic States

Use of cloud computing services, by size, EU, 2020 and 2021 (% of enterprises)

In 2021, 42% of EU ventures utilized cloud computing. This is a 6 rate point (pp) increment beginning around 2020 (36%), and over two times the offer in 2016 (19%).

Undertakings can get to computing assets facilitated by third gatherings on the web as opposed to building their own IT foundation. This pool of assets is most ordinarily known as ‘cloud computing’. As cloud services are given on the web, ventures should have web admittance to have the option to utilize them. In 2021, 98% of EU ventures utilizing 10 people or more had this entrance.

This data comes from information on ICT utilization and internet business in endeavors distributed today. This article presents a modest bunch of discoveries from the more point by point Statistics Explained article.

Albeit the portion of firms with web access was at very much like undeniable levels across EU Member States, the utilization of cloud computing shifted fundamentally, with the most elevated offers detailed in Sweden and Finland (both 75%), and the Netherlands and Denmark (both 65%) in 2021.

At the far edge of the scale, cloud computing services were utilized by less than one of every five ventures in Bulgaria (13%) and Romania (14%).

Cloud computing for business yet to go standard in the EU

This article presents late insights on undertakings’ utilization of cloud computing services in the European Union (EU). On a basic level, cloud computing includes two parts, a cloud foundation and programming applications. The primary comprises of the equipment assets needed to help the cloud services being given and regularly incorporates server, stockpiling and organization parts. The subsequent part alludes to programming applications and computing power for running business applications, given by means of the web by outsiders.

Cloud computing principally utilized for email and capacity purposes

Of the undertakings that revealed utilizing cloud computing, a larger part (79%) picked a cloud answer for have their email frameworks. Around 66% utilized the cloud for putting away records (68%) and for office programming like word processors and bookkeeping pages (61%). The greater part utilized the cloud for security programming (59%).

In particular, these ventures likewise utilized the cloud to get to further developed end-client programming applications, for example, monetary/bookkeeping (48%), client relationship the executives (27%) and undertaking asset arranging (24%).

Of the most refined cloud services, more than half (59%) of the ventures utilizing cloud detailed utilizing security programming applications, 47% facilitated the endeavor’s data sets in the cloud and one fifth (21%) utilized computing stage giving a facilitated climate to application improvement, testing or sending.

Utilization of cloud computing: features

42 % of EU endeavors utilized cloud computing in 2021, for the most part for facilitating their email frameworks and putting away records in electronic structure.

73 % of those endeavors utilized complex cloud services identifying with security programming applications, facilitating venture’s data sets or computing stage for application advancement, testing or organization.
Contrasted and 2020, the utilization of cloud computing expanded by 6 rate focuses.

Cloud computing as a service model for meeting ventures’ ICT needs

Basically, rather than building or growing their own IT framework (which would incorporate equipment and include creating and keeping up with programming applications and information bases), undertakings can get to computing assets facilitated by third gatherings on the web (the ‘cloud’).

In innovative terms, cloud computing is a model for giving endeavors universal, adaptable, on request access over the web to a pool of configurable computing assets, including waiters, data sets, programming applications, stockpiling limit and computing power.

Cloud computing can be viewed as the innovative advancement of server-based computing. The cloud/web capacities as a tremendous organized server. Therefore, undertakings can utilize the services through the web utilizing gadgets going from generally minimal expense work stations (‘slender customers’) to quite a few different convenient gadgets.

Cloud computing services ought to be conveyed from service suppliers’ servers and, for the reasons for the ICT use and internet business in undertakings review, have the accompanying compulsory qualities:

on-request self-service: clients might demand computing assets without human connection with the service supplier;
flexibility of arrangement: abilities might be effectively increased or down, for example in light of changes in the quantity of clients or required stockpiling limit, so that ventures can fulfill need tops without putting resources into foundation that will in any case stay inactive or underutilized; and
payable services (pay-per-client, pay-per-use or paid ahead of time).
On a fundamental level, the service suppliers might convey ICT-related services from shared servers (public cloud) or from a cloud framework accommodated the selective utilization of a specific endeavor (private cloud).

Ventures utilizing cloud computing

As cloud computing services can be conveyed just through the web, ventures should have web admittance to have the option to utilize them. In 2021, this applied to practically all EU undertakings (98 %) with at least 10 workers and independently employed. Albeit the extent of endeavors with web access was at comparative close to immersion levels in most Member States, just more than two of every five (42 %) revealed that they utilized cloud computing services, with an increment of 6 rate focuses (pp) contrasted with 2020.

Cloud computing services might meet a wide scope of other business ICT needs. More than two out of three undertakings (68 %) utilizing the cloud utilized it for putting away records. 61 % revealed utilizing it for office programming (for example word processors, bookkeeping pages, and so forth) and 59 % for security programming applications, while nearly 47 % utilized it to have their data set.

Cloud for email and capacity of documents

In particular, by means of the cloud, undertakings approach somewhat more complex end client programming applications, for funds/bookkeeping (48 %), for overseeing data about their clients (client relationship the board – CRM) (27 %) and for arranging their cycles and assets (endeavor asset arranging – ERP) (24 %). What’s more, 25 % detailed utilizing the (generally elite execution) cloud computing stages for computing power to maintain their own business programming applications. One out of five ventures (21 %) purchased cloud computing services as computing stage giving a facilitated climate to application improvement, testing or sending.

Of course, the most noteworthy extent of undertakings utilizing cloud computing services (77 %) was in the data and correspondence area, while in practically any remaining monetary areas the rate was under 50 % and gone from 33 % to 47 % (see Figure 2). ‘Proficient, logical and specialized’ and ‘Land’ endeavors came in the middle, with 57 % and 51 % revealing utilizing the cloud. Contrasted and 2020, the expansion in the utilization of cloud computing was most elevated in the retail exchange area and in the land exercises (both +8 rate focuses).

Cloud services

In 2021, the utilization of cloud for email and capacity of documents is as yet dominating with 79% and separately 68 % of ventures utilizing cloud computing revealed purchasing these sorts of cloud services. Contrasted and 2020 the utilization of email, the utilization of office programming and of bookkeeping and monetary applications on the cloud recorded a moderate development by 3 rate focuses. The utilization of different sorts of cloud services stayed pretty much at a similar level.

In 2021, three extra kinds of cloud computing services were presented in the overview: security programming applications, ERP applications and computing stage giving a facilitated climate to application improvement, testing or arrangement. Of the three, security programming applications as a cloud service were the most famous among EU undertakings, with 59 % of them purchasing such cloud service. Just one out of five (21 %) of ventures utilized the stage giving a facilitated climate to application improvement, testing or sending over cloud.

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