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Can my canine be skilled to not chase cats?

Canine and cats may be recognized to be better of mates – or worst of foes! For canines who haven’t been launched to cats earlier than, the urge to offer chase can happen. When a cat is being chased, it creates a irritating and doubtlessly harmful atmosphere for the cat and pushes them into survival mode. It may additionally trigger accidents for a canine, similar to working into visitors or coming into one other hazardous scenario.  

There are steps you possibly can take to work along with your canine to extend their familiarity with cats, in addition to develop their recall and cue coaching. This can encourage them to concentrate to you throughout an thrilling scenario, and provide help to prepare them to not chase cats. 

Good behaviour begins at dwelling 

Earlier than you introduce your canine to a brand new family member of the family, similar to a cat, make sure you maintain them protected and separate for the primary few weeks. After that, permitting them to odor one another by a fenced area, like a child gate, is finest. You may as well permit your canine to odor cat-related gadgets previous to the introduction, similar to cat toys or bedding. This can assist your canine get familiarized with the cat’s scent. Holding your canine on a leash may additionally be a good suggestion, in case they get overwhelmed with pleasure on the presence of the new cat. 

Remember to give your cat an area inside your own home that’s off-limits to your canine. This needs to be carried out till they’re acclimated to one another. Be certain to by no means go away a canine and cat alone collectively unattended. Additionally it is necessary to at all times use constructive reinforcement to reward good behaviour. For instance, give your canine companion a deal with at any time when they’re remaining calm across the cat, sitting when requested or not partaking with the cat. This can encourage your canine’s respect in the direction of their new furry member of the family.  

Learn extra about introducing canines and cats right here on our weblog. 

Work on canine cues 

You should utilize treats for each your cat and canine to maintain them centered on you rather than one another in these first few conferences. Apply primary verbal cues along with your canine similar to keep, come, and go away it. You may as well attempt clicker coaching as a solution to create a constructive bridge between your canine and your cat. Many canines reply very nicely to clicker coaching when carried out accurately.  

When you discover your canine is simply too enthusiastic along with your new cat, contemplate talking with an skilled skilled constructive reinforcement-based canine coach or behaviourist. They may also help you to strengthen your primary coaching and supply strategies to maintain each of your furry mates comfy round one another. 

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Within the neighbourhood 

Even when your canine is being respectful of cats in your family, at all times maintain your canine on a leash when outdoors the house. This isn’t solely in case they see a group cat, however for the final security of your canine as nicely. Hold your canine on a leash except in a protected and contained place. 

With correct coaching and methodical steps, many canines be taught respect and can turn out to be good mates with their new furry member of the family! Extra coaching suggestions right here on 


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