20 Shih Tzu Homeowners Share Finest Shampoos for Itchy & Delicate Pores and skin


There’s nothing worse than watching your Shih Tzu suffers from itchy pores and skin allergy symptoms. We requested our group of over 800,000 Shih Tzu house owners the next query: What shampoo do you suggest for a Shih Tzu with itchy or delicate pores and skin? We’ve summarized one of the best responses under. At all times keep in mind to test along with your veterinarian earlier than making modifications that have an effect on your Shih Tzu’s well being;

20 Finest Hypoallergenic Shampoos for Shih Tzu’s with Itchy/Delicate Pores and skin

I exploit Hartz oatmeal child powder perfume. Soothes pores and skin and smells so good.

Creator: Karen Renfrow L.

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At all times seek the advice of your Veterinarian!

Creator: Roberta Rowe W.

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I exploit Dr. Pol oatmeal shampoo. She smells identical to an oatmeal cookie so yummy. And no itchy pores and skin.

Creator: Ann C.

Likes: 27

An allergy shot! I get my George one shot each 3 mths! It’s so value it. No scratching or chewing his paws! & I groom him each 2 mths& give him baths in between with Oatmeal shampoo. HE WILL BE 10 JAN 21TH 2023. BEST BOY EVER!

Creator: Cory P.

Likes: 6

Oatmeal shampoo. My Shih Tzu had to make use of that

Creator: Sharon Okay.

Likes: 5

I exploit Tropic clear pet shampoo despite the fact that my lady is 11 years previous. They make one for itchy pores and skin as effectively. Love their merchandise

Creator: Debra Malicki L.

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I exploit Hartz further light Oatmeal soothing canine shampoo My 2 Shitzu adore it

Creator: Tracey P.

Likes: 2

I exploit goats milk cleaning soap and it really works

Creator: Kelly B.

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Oatmeal shampoo for canine.

Creator: Cari B.

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My canine was horrible. Began utilizing Douxos , orange bottle. You may get at Chewy. I gave bathtub each 3 days for a couple of month. His pores and skin was so dangerous odor, Flaking, itched all hair off. He’s higher now, down to 1 bathtub every week.

Creator: Sue O.

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I get shampoo from my vet. It’s known as Malaket. She additionally has pores and skin allergy symptoms and takes a tablet on a regular basis and get a shot each 8 weeks.

Creator: Sherry Granahan S.

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I just like the physicians model. They’ve a sizzling spot shampoo and spray additionally an oatmeal shampoo

Creator: Alice M.

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GNC oatmeal. It’s good for my 7 12 months previous Shih Tzu. I comply with with the identical conditioner, rinse effectively. She loves her bathtub and smells fantastic to cuddle on a cold fall morning.

Creator: Joann J.

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Veterinary Formulation Medical care Hypoallergenic Shampoo. My shih tzu has many allergy symptoms to meals and atmosphere. This shampoo is nice. Our groomer even makes use of it.

Creator: Joyce Cress W.

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Oatmeal components then after her bathtub we rub coconut oil throughout our little lady and put a t shirt on her. Then Buffy has the zoomies round the home for a couple of minutes So cute

Creator: Marie Elizabeth D.

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Veterinarian components no tears. I had a shihtzu for a l9ng time. Child handed this April. I used each shampoo and conditioner for years. Nice on pores and skin. Yellow bottle shampoo. Pink bottle conditioner. Amazon.

Creator: Susie A.

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I like Dr Bronners rose cleaning soap for my canine

Creator: Nikki J.

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Earthbath oatmeal & aloe…Vanilla Almond

Creator: Lee Ann B.

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Jax and Daisy, on-line. Nice stuff, shampoo and lotion combo

Creator: Traci Turk E.

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Burt’s bees unscented could be very light

Creator: Amy V.

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