17 Top-Rated Attractions & Places to Visit in 2022

Top-Rated Attractions

For those who have set themselves the goal of visiting as many top-rated attractions and places during 2022, we have prepared a list that will not disappoint.

These are the 17 most interesting destinations to visit during 2022, where you will experience an experience you have never experienced before.

Here are 17 Top-Rated Attraction:

Antigua and Barbuda

The twin islands are characterized by white and pink sand. Antigua has beaches to enchant, while Barbuda, the smallest of the two islands was Princess Diana’s favorite. The islands have gained popularity after several “green” initiatives.

Disposable plastics are banned, while the Green Corridor, a collection of environmentally friendly hotels, resorts and businesses, has been created along Antigua’s southwest coast.

Bissagos Islands

Consisting of 88 islands, of which only 23 are inhabited, the magical archipelago located about 48 kilometers off the coast of Guinea in West Africa is unique.

The Bissagos Islands are ruled by a matriarchal society where women wield all power. Here women propose marriage, build their own homes and run families.

The few tourists who are able to visit the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve are rewarded with magical views of the pristine beaches.

The group of islands, which can be reached by boat, ferry or light aircraft, also contains an extraordinary abundance of wildlife, including protected or rare species such as the Nile crocodile, the common bottlenose dolphin and the manatee.

Cape Breton Island

Connected to the Canadian mainland by a long road, Nova Scotia Cape Breton is famous for its scenic scenery and historic sites.

Highlights of the island include the Cabot Trail, a scenic two-lane road that runs through the National Park, where green hills and rusty red cliffs rise over rugged beaches. The impressive 18th-century Luisburg Castle, once the capital of a French colony and today a vibrant historical museum is another tourist spot.


A long and thin strip between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains, Chile is a world leader in ecotourism and a paradise for outdoor adventurers.

In northern Chile, Atacama is the place to go. Valle de la Luna features otherworldly landscapes, rock formations, and colorful, surreal sunsets. The pink flamingos in Chaxa Lagoon are impressive. If you go further south in the Patagonian Desert you will be amazed by the magic of the wild world. Torres del Paine National Park is considered one of the crown jewels of Chile’s park system. Glaciers and waterfalls are also famous.


Sri Lanka’s largest city will leave you speechless with its historical museums and delicious food.

Everything tastes better paired with the Ceylon teas (white tea) that is characteristic of Columbus.


The largest city in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region is a glorious mix of wooden-framed houses, magnificent 18th-century palaces and a growing Gothic cathedral, but it is also one of the gastronomic capitals of France.

The Musée des Beaux-Arts de Dijon offers over 130,000 works of art waiting to be visited.

Disco Bay

Whales, giant icebergs, and a rapidly moving glacier identify Disco Bay, off the west coast of Greenland.

The city of Ilulissat, with its colorful houses, constitutes an excellent base for exploration.

Disposable local boat trips to Disco Bay give you the opportunity to marvel at the colossal ice and encourage travelers to discover more about why this place helped scientists better understand the impact of climate change.

Another boat trip will take you to Disco Island, with its stunning black sand beaches, while on the mainland, is the recently opened Ilulissat Ice fjord center to explore.

 Gabon National Parks

The Amazon is the most populous, but the Congo Basin, called the “Lung of Africa,” is the second largest rainforest in the world and is also a valuable resource under threat of deforestation.

More than 10% of Gabon, on the Central African Atlantic coastline, has been given to its 13 national parks, and they all celebrate their 20th anniversary this year.

300 thousand hectares are intertwined with rivers and waterfalls that leave no word. Creatures that make their home here include gorillas, leopards as well as the endangered forest elephant.


Archaeological treasures, such as the ruins of Jerash and Umm Kais, make Jordan a worthy place to visit.

The vast expanse of the Wadi Rum desert is best enjoyed with companions, who can share their knowledge in harmony with the epic landscape. A cruise on the Dead Sea is also worth it, especially to observe a delicate ecosystem under the attack of modern life.


Finland is regularly ranked as the happiest country in the world and you are certainly happier when it comes to the beautiful city by the lake of Lahti.

Located 100 kilometers northeast of Helsinki, this destination is green in every sense. Finland’s eighth largest city is full of beautiful forests, parks and reserves with incredible hiking trails and observation points.

Lahti has also led the way in terms of environmental innovation, becoming the first Finnish city to be named the European Green Capital after removing coal as a fuel source and offering its citizens free transport tickets and food as a reward for being friendly with the environment.

Those who visit it should definitely try tap water. The city’s groundwater system has been certified by UNESCO as “the best drinking water in the world”.

Munga-Thirri-Simpson Desert

Described as a major conservation corridor in the heart of the nation, the Munga-Thirri-Simpson Desert National Park in South Australia covers 36,000 square miles.

The only way to explore the Desert National Park is with a four-wheeled vehicle, in order to get into its vast network of lakes, stunning red dunes and bird-filled pastures. Nights are spent camping under the stars.

The park is closed from December 1 to March 15, due to rising temperatures.


Pizza was born here. Ancient ruins lie beneath the modern suburbs. Hand gestures are an art form here. But why go right now? Because Naples is thriving.

Historic center is pulsating with energy. Fantastic hotels are opening. Areas formerly considered forbidden to tourists are finally being seen from a different perspective. New archeological sites will be opened in 2022, which, although closed at the moment, will shed new light on Greek and Roman Naples, as it was then called.


This well-preserved city along the road to Machu Picchu in Peru’s Holy Valley boasts its impressive Inca ruins and has recently been named one of the “best tourist villages”.

There is a lot to defend here. An Inca castle and temple dating back to the 15th century that became the site of a rare defeat of the Spanish invaders, a vibrant city that is also one of the best surviving examples of Inca city planning, Inca depots of Pinkuylluna overlooking Ollantaytambo and a nearby Inca quarry that caused engineering wonders.

Orkney Islands

At the northernmost tip of Scotland, you will find the Orkney Islands, a stunning rocky archipelago filled with seabirds, seals and fascinating archeological sites.

Orkney includes about 70 islands, of which 20 are uninhabited. The largest, the continent, is home to a group of UNESCO-protected Neolithic monuments dating back 5,000 years.


Norwegian winters may be cold, but things are heating up in Oslo. The new National Museum will open on June 11. Traditional and contemporary art, handicrafts and design, make it the largest art museum in the Nordic countries.

The collections of 5,000 objects of the three existing museums were previously assembled under a completely modern roof.

Three hours west of Oslo is Ryukan, a hilltop town where “sun mirrors” on the peaks reflect light down into the city during the dark winter months, and an accessible Cold War-era cable car draws tourists deep on Mount Gausta.


 Every visitor to the country must sign the Palau Oath, a commitment to act responsibly during the trip and to do their part to care for the environment.

Commitment to environmental protection makes sense when you see how much diverse and startling landscapes Palau has to offer.

Jellyfish Lake, which was closed to visitors for several years in order to allow the jellyfish’s titular population to return to acceptable levels, has reopened.


The Malaysian island in the Andaman Sea offers a wide mix of traditional Malaysian, Chinese and Indian dishes.

There is so much more than just food and architecture to amaze tourists on this 295 square mile island.

In September 2021, Penang was designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

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