10 most trendy cities to visit


Time Out Magazine” magazine has made a list of the most interesting cities of the moment to visit, which is based on data and feedback from about 30,000 metropolitan residents from around the globe.

Based on the quarantines of the last two years, the jury this year decided to take into account other factors such as community projects, green spaces or even sustainability.

“We focused on cities that think not only about the present, but also about the future. “Those who want to make life better for all of us, but also our grandchildren,” the publication quotes.

10- Tokyo, Japan

As also stated by Time Out, wearing masks in Tokyo was in vogue long before the pandemic. According to studies, life has experienced a significant slowdown in the Japanese capital since the start of the pandemic. Over the past 18 months, this city has made tremendous investments in spaces and attractions for locals and visitors alike. One of the most prominent movements of recent times is the ‘firmato public toilets’ – these are high-end toilets, which are also built to look like art installations.

9 – Porto, Portugal

The architecture of this city together with the murals made by graffiti artists give color to the daily walks in this city, you would love to visit again Porto. A large part of this city was dedicated to pedestrians before the pandemic, but recently many bicycle lanes have been added. Community gardens are also giving locals the opportunity to cultivate their produce and feel healthier while helping the environment.

8 – Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv became part of the top ten after the ‘city that never stops’ entered a pause period when COVID exploded. According to Time Out studies, spaces such as Dizengoff Square or HaMesila Park were turned into places where picnics, shows and discussions were held, during the time when indoor spaces were forced to close. When Tel Aviv is fully open, it is a city that offers numerous vegan restaurants as well as a vibrant social life, and this is a big reason to visit this city.

7 – Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the cities where you can walk more all over the world and this interesting fact makes it also one of the best places to live. And anyone who finds themselves for a walk on the streets of Prague can be sure to pass quite an interesting visual experience. Known as the ‘Golden City’, Prague is full of tourist attractions including Charles Bridge or Old Town Square. Prague has 6 neighborhoods which offer parks that are functional all year round and that make quarantine more affordable for locals. So what are you waiting to visit Prague!

6 – Montreal, Canada

Montreal and Canada are generally known as the land of sociable people – who stayed together during the most difficult times of the pandemic and showed extraordinary community spirit. Asked what other cities can learn from Montreal, Time Out local journalist JP Karwacki said, “The ambition to move forward with a host of innovative green projects, such as plans to stop by law the use of all disposable plastics or the transformation of boulevards in the city center into urban forests. ”

5 – New York, USA

The famous ‘New York, New York’ was voted the most “flexible” city of all North American cities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, we do not have to list the reasons why you should visit the ‘concrete jungle’ that has become an icon all over the world, but the way this city is managing the pandemic – responding to the demands of its 8 million inhabitants – really matters to be greeted and praised, according to the Time Out board.

4 – Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark has long been known as one of the hottest cities in the world. Along with the high quality of life and green initiatives, the core values ​​of this country can be wonderfully defined by the famous local word ‘hygge’ – meaning minimalist style and lifestyle, where one should allow oneself to enjoys the smallest and simplest things in life. In the poll, 66% of Copenhageners called their city a ‘positive and relaxing’ place and this fact is a big reason to visit Copenhagen

3 – Manchester, United Kingdom

Manchester beat London this year as a result of the resounding culture and community spirit. During the pandemic, small businesses like Result CIC provided free mental health support to all employees on the first front of the ‘war’ and the Eagle and Child Pub distributed about 4,500 free meals to all those in need. Of all the cities surveyed, Manchester received the most votes for ‘social life’, ‘creativity’, ‘community spirit’, ‘sociability’ and ‘knowing neighbors’.

2 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A city centered on unique culture and social life, Amsterdam suffered immensely from pandemic and forced quarantine. According to the Time Out study, time was spent wisely. The results show that Amsterdam is doing its best to “focus inwardly on its famous beauties, history and community spirit – while at the same time trying to get rid of once and for all, coffeeshops, brothels or even debauchery. of drunks who are focused only on the tourist part of the city. ”

1- San Francisco, USA

In first place representing the west coast is San Francisco, one of the most well-known cities in the US. At the same time, this city has had one of the harshest reactions to COVID, in an effort to keep the community as safe as possible. SF New Deal was a project that involved local chefs to feed the most needy people. Numerous parks around San Francisco turned into quiet, green places for those who did not want to get stuck inside. And of course, good weather all year round would certainly help anyone to stay positive and optimistic.

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