10 best new tech equipment of 2022

tech equipment

The world’s best brands have brought new inventions and tech equipment during this troubled year, which are just as useful as they are elegant in design.

It is difficult for a person who is not eloquent in the language of technology to stay up to date with all the new inventions as it must be said, the number of engineers graduating each year and the inventions they bring to market – successful or not – as it grows.

However, we all agree that the feeling of a new, fresh, newly launched device – in our hands, has not paid off.

New technological trends can be divided into two categories: those that aim to improve the quality of life and those that are created with the sole purpose of boosting your ego.

For example, some high-tech electronic accessories have the luxurious look that makes you feel like you are following the lifestyle of a millionaire, while the second set of practical devices, are mass-produced, in order to add functionality to his life. all of us.

Below you will find a list of new tech equipment from both of these categories that have been on the market over the past year, their price and where you can buy them.

1 – Studio Buds by Dr. Dree – $ 130 at WALMART

The feature of the newest version of the Beats 2021 headphones is the noise cancellation that comes updated like never before and is the best new tech equipment of 2021. In fact, the Active Noise Canceling option uses a filter that detects and blocks all sound waves that could negatively interfere with your delicate ears. Another novelty is the 24-hour battery life and fast charging of only 5 minutes.

2 – Stabilizer for OM5 phone from DJI – $ 159 USD on AMAZON

DJI is living proof that the selfie stick did not die in 2021 – and could not do so – not at a time when the number of videographers has gone beyond all expectations. OM 5 is a smart and portable device that takes your photographic skills to the next level and is a great new tech equipment.

As a start, this device does not suffer any vibration, zero! And the new ActiveTrack 4.0 formula lets you track objects within the shooting frame, for a focus at the highest possible resolution, even when those objects are in motion. For the perfect selfie video and photo, this is the device every influencer or youtuber had dreamed of.

3 – Galaxy Z Flip3 Phones from SAMSUNG – $ 500 USD at SAMSUNG

Flexible screens are resizing what can be achieved through electronics nowadays. The FLIP phone from Samsung can be folded in two, which makes it look like a science-fiction fantasy from ten years ago. Today, the dream has become a reality and this is new cool tech equipment.

When folded this phone becomes 4.8 centimeters, and its screen, even in this form can do a lot, starting from the display of news, news, messages or even selfie photos. Unfolded it is your ordinary cell phone. Samsung has launched this edition of FLIP phones for multi-functional users by personalizing them with different themes and colors.

4 – SMART Glasses by RAY-BAN  – $ 299 at RAY-BAN

Although this is not a complete set of VR (Virtual Reality), it is the latest invention that brings together technology and fashion. The first generation of smart glasses by Ray-Ban brings innovation to the market that includes the ability to shoot from a first-person perspective, as the minimalist camera is installed at eye level.

These glasses contain a camera that records HD content in the first person, a touch field where with a single touch you can control the music or the camera and the boxes installed in the tails of the glasses near the ears, which allow you to leave the phone in your pocket while answering a phone call. A device that until yesterday was only part of futuristic movies, is now real and can become yours with a single click.

5 – Instant camera from POLAROID – $ 150 AT POLAROID.COM

Polaroid style photos have always been a favorite of art lovers and photography lovers, precisely because they mimic the atmosphere, colors and shades of an old or retro photo. In one step, with this camera – you can take photos without having to edit or edit them in Photoshop later. With filters for 5 different lenses, these new Polaroid cameras give you the ability to play with the effects, contrast and exposure of your photos.

6 – AirTag trackers from APPLE – $ 29 ON AMAZON

One of our favorite devices, this new invention from Apple comes to the aid of forgetful people or those who often lose things and can never find them again. All you need is this small tracker in the form of a button, which is placed on your expensive items or the ones you have close to your heart, and immediately the connection is made with the ‘Find my App’ application that makes it possible for you to search for the lost device on your phone. , to find out where you last placed it. This device also has a box installed inside it that allows you to hear aloud the location of your personal item. Genius new tech equipment of 2021!

7 – Gen 6 smart watch by FOSSIL – $ 299 IN FOSSIL

An intelligent watch that features the classic look of a traditional watch, or a smart watch disguised as a classic watch? For all those who love the look of an ordinary watch and do not want to give up on it to enjoy all the benefits of a smart watch, the company FOSSIL has made possible the ideal product. Don’t hesitate to get one because is on of the best new tech equipment of 2021.

8 – Beast Blender from BEAST – $ 155 AT HUCKBERRY

It is obvious that this blender or juicer gets its name as a result of its extreme performance. Like many similar devices, this blender can produce squeezed juices or creamy smoothies – an extremely nutritious and delicious combination. But if you are looking for a blender of a completely different level, this machine can create a turbulence so powerful that it allows you to crush even the icy or strongest ingredients in a short time. And although it functions like a beast, the same cannot be said for its extremely elegant appearance.

9 – 4K smart TV from SAMSUNG -$ 450 IN SAMSUNG

We have a cheater at home. No, it ‘s’ Frame’ or ‘The Frame’ from Samsung, which functioned as a TV when turned on and off can be transformed into a work of art. In fact, it has the intelligent ability to integrate with the nuances of the wall. After all, 4K resolution is unmatched, and the ability to make it design art world icons like Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or Van Gogh Starry Night is an option that can personalize any living room and an invention that worth applauding. Enjoy one of the best new tech equipment of 2021.

10 – Nanoe Hair Dryer by PANASONIK – $ 120 ON AMAZON

We use hair dryers to dry our hair of course but Panasonic promises that with this new hair dryer, your hair will be healthier and less damaged. The Nanoe dryer dried your hair by hydrating it and it’s stoning new tech equipment. This paradox at first glance is achieved by inhaling water from the air to create moisturizing particles that make it possible for every strand of your hair to dry without burning.

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